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TYPICAL! Politician
1 day a politician found himself riding in a hot air balloon
He reduced the altitude and spotted a woman below.
He descended a bit
more and shouted. "Excuse me...
you help me?

I promised a friend I would meet him
an hour ago, but I
doN'T know where
I am."

The woman replied, "You are in a hot
air balloon approx-
imately 30 feet
above the ground. You are between 40
and 41degrees north latitude
and between 59 and 60
degrees west

"You must be a scientist," he said.

"I am," said the woman. "How did you know?"

"Well", he answered, "everything
you told me is technically
but I have no idea of what to make of your
and the fact
is I am still lost. Frankly,
NOT been much help so far."

The woman below responded. "You must
be a politician."

"I am," he replied, "but how did
you know?"

"Well," said the woman, "You doN'T know where you are,
NOR where you're
going. You have risen to where you are
due to a large quantity of hot
air. You made a promise
which you
have no idea how to keep, and you expect
me to solve 'your' problem."

She continued after a moment of silence, "The fact
is you
in exactly the same position
you were in
before we met, but NOW,
The Net perks U UP... like a "GOOD" cup of Java... yah! :-D
somehow, IT'S MY FAULT."

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