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Being devout Catholics, it had
become a
family-tradition for the
Pedro Gonzales'
family to attend Mass and
communion at Easter.

After much coaxing from
his family, Pedro
agreed to go to confession

order to join the family in preparing
for the Church's special celebration.

After the preliminary prayers of the,
me Father for I have sinned",
confessed to a litany of innocuous

In conclusion, Pedro confessed
he worked in a lumber-yard
and had been
stealing lumber.
The priest's ears perked
up and asked for
additional details.

Pedro reluctantly admitted
that during
the years, he
had taken enough lumber

home from the yard to
build an extra
room to
his house, a 2-car garage
and a gazebo.

The priest harshly admonished him,
informing him that this was a serious
crime. He said that he would have to
punish him severely and ordered him
to pray 12 Our Fathers and 12 Hail
Marys. The priest
added that Pedro
should also make
a Novena

"You know what
  a Novena is,

  doN'T you?" the priest inquired.

Pedro eagerly responded, "No,

Father, but if you
give me the plans
I know where
I can get
the lumber!"
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