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A Priest and a Lawyer
A truck driver was heading down the
highway when he saw a priest
at the
side of the road.
it was his duty, he
stopped to
give the priest a ride.

A short time later, he saw a lawyer with
a briefcase on the side of the
and aimed his truck at him. At
the last 2nd,
he thought of the
priest with him and realized
couldN'T run over the lawyer, so he
swerved, but he heard a
thump anyway.

Looking back as he drove on, he didN'T
see anything. He began to
apologize for
his behavior to the
priest: "I'm sorry,
Father. I barely
that lawyer
at the side
of the

But the priest said, "DoN'T worry,The Net perks U UP... like a "GOOD" cup of Java... yah! :-D
Son. I got him with my door."

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