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Ships Log
The First Mate on a ship decided to celebrate
an occasion with a "little"
stowed away rum.

Unfortnately, he got drunk ... and was *still drunk*
the next morning!

When the Captain noticed that his First Mate
was drunk, he made an
entry in the ship's log:
First Mate was drunk today."

When the First Mate sobered up, the Captain
showed him the log

"Captain please doN'T let that stay in the
the First Mate said.
"This could add
months or years
to my becoming a Captain

"Is it *true* you were drunk?" asked the
  captain, already
knowing the answer.

"Yes, its true," the First Mate said.

"Then if it is true, it has to go in the log.
  That's the rule.
If it's true, it goes into the
log, end of discussion!" said the captain

Weeks later, it was the First Mate's turn
to make the log

The First Mate wrote: "The ship seems in
good shape.
The captain wasThe Net perks U UP... like a "GOOD" cup of Java... yah! :-D
sober today."

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