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2 gas men were out checking meters in
a residential neighborhood 1 day.
parked the truck at the end of
the street
and worked their way up
the street.

At the last house, a woman watched from
her kitchen window as they
checked her

Finally finishing
their work, the older
man, a supervisor,
challenged the
man, his trainee,
to a race
back to their truck, wanting
to prove
that an older man could still
beat a
younger man.

They raced back to the truck, with the
supervisor holding a lead, when they

noticed that the woman from the last
house was racing up behind them.
stopped until she caught up and
what was wrong.
As she gasped for breath, she said,
"When I saw you 2 gas men running
hard as you could, I figuredThe Net perks U UP... like a "GOOD" cup of Java... yah! :-D
I'd better run too!"

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