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ME, Tonto!
Taking his seat on a plane 1 day, Robert
was overjoyed to see a
woman making her way
the seat next to

Eager to get her talking, he
asked, "So
where are you flying
to today?"

"I'm heading to the annual

Nymphomaniac Convention
in Las
Vegas," she said with a

Robert was even happier. A

beautiful woman, right next to
him on
the plane, and she was
going to a
Nymphomaniac Convention!

"What will you do at the convention?"

he asked, trying not to show his

"I try to debunk some of the popular

 myths about sexuality," she explained.

"What myths are those?" he asked.

"Well, 1 myth says African-American

 males are the most well-endowed
actually it is Native American
are most likely to possess
 this trait.
Another popular myth is that
are the best lovers, but
 research shows
that the best lovers
 are Jewish men."

Suddenly, she became embarrassed.
sorry. I know this topic must sound
little strange. I doN'T even know

The man held out his hand to her. "It'sThe Net perks U UP... like a "GOOD" cup of Java... yah! :-D
Tonto, Tonto Goldstein."

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