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How much is that Barbie
in the window?

A man was driving home from work
1 evening when he suddenly realized
that it was his daughter's birthday

and he hadN'T yet bought her a gift.

So, the man rushed off to the nearest

toy store and asked the sales clerk,
"How much is that Barbie
in the window?"

The sales clerk replied in a condescending

tone, "Which Barbie?"

"We have Barbie Goes to
the Gym for $19.95,
Barbie Goes to the Ball
for $19.95,,
Barbie Goes Shopping for
Barbie Goes to the Beach for
Goes Nightclubing for $19.95,
and Divorced
Barbie for $265.00."

The overwhelmed man asked, "Why is the

Divorced Barbie $265.00 and
all the others
are only $19.95?"

"THAT'S OBVIOUS!" said the sales clerk.
"Divorce Barbie comes
  with Ken's house,
  car, Ken's boat, and
  Ken's furniture."
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