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Knock! Knock!
3 older ladies were discussing the
travails of getting older.

1 said, "Sometimes I catch myself with
a jar
of mayonnaise in my hand in front
of the refri-
gerator and caN'T remember
whether I need
to put it away, or start
making a sandwich."

The other says, "Boy am I glad I doN'T
that problem! Knock on wood." And
she gave
the table a quick rap with her

The 2nd lady chimed in, "Yes, some
I find myself in
the stairwell and caN'T remember
I was on my way up or on my way down."

The 3rd 1 responded, " Well, I'm glad
doN'T have that problem; knock on wood."

after rapping her knuckles
on the table,
shet ells them, "That
must be the door:
I'll get it!"The Net perks U UP... like a "GOOD" cup of Java... yah! :-D

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